London Heritage Awards

Heritage Week 2021

Congratulations to the 2021 honourees!

Architectural Conservancy Ontario – London Region
Heritage London Foundation

are proud to present the 14th annual London Heritage Awards

Congratulations to the 2021 honourees!

During a cold and snowy Heritage Week in February, the 14th annual London Heritage Awards were presented to the honourees in person. For the first time ever, we have filmed the presentations, and we are delighted to be able to share this video with you that not only reveals the recipients, but also tells you a bit about the projects that were honoured. 
We wish to thank Adrian D’Alessandro, videographer, for filming and editing the video for us and Maggie Whalley for providing the voiceover. Thanks also to Councillor Stephen Turner,  ACO President Kelley McKeating, and HLF President Michael Wojtak for presenting the awards.

Small-Scale Restoration Project #1

The recipient for the award for the Small-Scale Restoration Project is Vicky LightfootLightfoot is being honoured for her efforts in restoring a decorative bargeboard on the gable of yellow brick residence from 1874, ultimately enhancing and preserving the heritage character of the home in the Blackfriars and Petersville heritage district. This award was presented by Michael Wojtak (HLF president) on Tuesday, February 16th.

Small-Scale Restoration Project #2

Another Small-Scale Restoration Project award is being presented to the owner of 360 St. James Street for the restoration of decorative detail on their verandah. This 19th-century cottage enhances the Old North streetscape and sets a positive example for others. This award will be given at a later date.

Adaptive Re-Use Project

The award for the Adaptive Re-Use Project is being presented to Youth Opportunities Unlimited, for their extensive, sympathetic renovation of the historic warehouse at 340 Richmond Street built in 1875.

The honourees have repurposed the formerly derelict building into an employment resource centre and housing for young people, adding to Youth Opportunity Unlimited’s existing youth services in this complex.

The architect responsible for this restoration is Cornerstone Architecture, and the General Contractor was Graceview Enterprises. This award was presented by Michael Wojtak (HLF president) on Tuesday, February 16th.

Small-Scale Restoration Project #3

Another Small-Scale Restoration Project award is being given to Clayton MacNeil and Jennifer Pevler for their work on 135 Duchess Avenue. They improved the facade on an early-20th-century brick house by adding a roofed porch with pillars made of wood so as to maintain the original look of the building, which enhanced the local streetscape.

This award was presented by Councillor Stephen Turner on Wednesday, February 17th.

Major Restoration Project

275-285 Queens Avenue / 440 Wellington Street

The award for Major Restoration Project was presented to the Middlesex Condominium Corporation #97 for their restoration of 275 and 285 Queens Avenue and 440 Wellington Street.

They thoughtfully refurbished the balconies of these historic downtown apartments, even including the original acorn finials. This area is an integral part of London’s downtown history, and serves as a major landmark. It has consistently benefitted from responsible ownership and excellent maintenance.

The work on the balconies was performed by Edison Engineers and Brick & Co. Restoration. This award was presented by Kelley McKeating (ACO London president) on Wednesday, February 17th.

Congratulations to all honourees, and thank you so much for your tremendous work to keep London’s roots alive and on display. Preserving our heritage is not always an easy task, but it is always worthwhile.

The London Heritage Awards are given out each year by ACO London and HLF in recognition of outstanding leadership excellence in heritage conservation across the London region. Notable past recipients include Wes Kinghorn, Ann and David Lindsay, and Vintage London, and structures such as the London Normal School, The Unity Project, London Roundhouse, and the Clock Tower Inn in Strathroy as well as many private homes throughout the London region.

This awards program seeks to recognize individuals and organizations from either the private or public sector who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the conservation of London’s built heritage. Nominees may be proposed for their long-term dedication to the cause, for a single outstanding effort that made a notable difference, for strong leadership and vision in educating the public, or for actions that have brought about a positive outcome for built heritage in our city and region. The awards also seek to honour projects that have actually preserved part of our built heritage. The awards will therefore be given in three broad categories:

  1. To volunteers in the fields of education, awareness, or advocacy.
  2. Projects that have preserved built heritage.
  3. Professionals, who were crucial to the success of a project or who have gone above and beyond their professional role.

The number of awards given each year will be at the discretion of the Awards Committee.

How to Nominate

Deadline for nominations was Sunday, November 1st, 2020

Awards presentation

The awards will be presented to the honourees during Heritage Week.


Unfortunately, there will be no ceremony for 2021.

About the organizers

Architectural Conservancy Ontario – London Region (ACO London) is a volunteer-driven advocacy organization founded over 50 years ago with the threatened destruction of London’s original financial buildings, the Ridout Street Complex, now a National Historic Site. ACO London is committed to conserving London’s heritage architecture through advocacy and education. We support and encourage architectural conservation through reuse and repurposing of older buildings, the creation of Heritage Conservation Districts to protect our historic neighbourhoods, and the active retention and maintenance of London’s unique history as embodied by its built heritage.

Heritage London Foundation (HLF) is an innovative charitable organization founded in 1981 that advocates for the preservation of significant heritage properties. Created when the wrecker’s ball was rapidly destroying many of London’s architectural treasures, Heritage London Foundation now provides viable contemporary uses for two beautiful properties, the Elsie Perrin Williams Estate and Grosvenor Lodge.